Psalm 23

    "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want." Strange but, I have wanted things in my lifetime that I did not get, does that part of the verse mean we will have all we desire? Nope! I means that God will never forsake us, and leave us in want for long. Read on in the verse, you'll get it.
    "He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, He restores my soul."
Now we get it! God takes care of us in ways we don't always think of, and fulfills us to our very core.
    "He leads me in the path of righteousness, for His names sake." So God puts blocks in our path, when we are about to mess up, and puts within us the desire to do the right thing always, to bring glory to His name through us, Cool!
    "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because You are with me, Your rod and staff comfort me." Scary things, especially this time of year, are all around. Our society thrives on the frightening at Halloween. Also, death may be everywhere, beheadings, Ebola, the list goes on, but God protects me. Fear doesn't have to drive my every action, because I know that what ever happens to me, God has a purpose. His staff, His guiding tool is His protection for me and a comfort.
    "You prepare a table before me in front of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over." Those that despise me get to see all the good things you give me in a front row seat. You give me special privileges and blessings and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
    "Surely goodness and mercy will follow me, all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever, and ever." There is no doubt that God has me covered always. His rights and abilities as His child surround me, and I will be in heaven for eternity, that will never end. Psalm 23

Fun with Fall,

     Recently, I went out to do all my very favorite fall activities. I reveled in corn mazes with my children, saw the biggest pumpkin ever, spent time with a dear friend, and begged candy from strangers at the zoo. The leaves, colors, smells, peace, and weather of fall make this season my absolute favorite.
     But for so many of us, there is tension. School troubles, worry for winter, disagreements about which holidays we celebrate and which we do not all rob us of the joy in this glorious season. I'm reminded to enjoy the good God has given me now instead of worrying about the future or pining for the past.
     Whatever you feel about times not now, focus your thoughts on right now and soak up the joy of this amazing time. You'll feel better and see Jesus more clealy.

Looking forward

  In mid September our band had a photo session. This is one of the results. I remember being so sick that I sat down between every shot.... on that couch, on a stump, on the ground. When I look at this picture I can't help but think about the storm that was brewing, and my health crisis was just the beginning.
  My brother in law (far right) received a phone call 2 weeks after this photo that his father was heading for the ER. An infection in his leg quickly took over and he was gone. Just like that. Two days later my husband (far left) got the 2 AM phone call that his uncle had lost his battle with cancer. The couple (standing in the back) had been helping a young woman who was in addiction recovery when she abruptly disappeared leaving her 2 children with them and then tried to press kidnapping charges weeks later. My own father had a sudden urgent health issue and was hospitalized, and today my husband's mom had a quadruple bypass surgery.
  I don't know why all of this hit at once, but I do know that God was in the midst of it all. We stuck together, supporting each other, praying for each other, hanging out in hospital rooms, attending funerals, listening to each other, encouraging each other, and tending to each other's practical needs. You see we are not just a music group.....we are friends. We are family. And we are looking forward to walking together wherever God opens the doors to touch others with His love.

if you judge people, you have no time to love them

There are times when I get very angry when I think about all the people whose friendship I am missing, because I dangled mine like a prize to be won if they would only come to Jesus. It's what I was taught to do, but it was wrong. However, when I turn my mind to rant, I remember that no matter how deeply people have disappointed you, they need love without judgement too.
Thank you, Mother Teresa.


Be Still my Soul
When the world crashes down upon me
Be Still my Soul
When I can’t stand it any more
When life is too much to handle
When I stumble with every step
When it looks like I’ll never make it
When I might as well give up! Yet,
Be Still my Soul
Lift my eyes to the One Who cares
When everyone else turns their back
Lift my cries to the One Who listens
When all that the world does is jeer
Because it’s Restless
And cannot See
But when it’s Over,
I’ll Be
Because of One


Oh-the good news of the Gospel !!! Paul says we "must reckon-(that is-to believe that something is true ) that we are now dead to sin AND alive unto God through Jesus Christ. Jesus bridged the gap and now we can come BOLDLY into the throne room of God.
I can remember one time I was driving down a street in our town ,sitting at a red light, lamenting and bawling because of the "yuck" I felt  that I was. I sensed a prompting  to look up. When I looked up through my windshield--it was as if blood was literally running down the glass-and I heard the words-not audibly-but intense thought came to mind-"You do not see yourself as I see -This is how I see you-through the blood of Jesus" !

Because we are "the righteousness of God in Christ" which is a mystery AND miracle itself-we stand whole and complete before God. This is how God chooses to view us. Yes-We are a work in progress-HIS workmanship-and He WILL finish what he started!  There is nothing any of us can do to earn this or work for this-it a free gift!!!!! That is GREAT news!!

Sometimes because we give so much, it is hard to receive. But this is one gift that I have learned to unwrap.... hold it up ..... look at it from every angle...and embrace it. And I am so thankful.

More "God Moments"

A few weeks ago, a fellow musician called my husband and told him that he was planning a trip to Nashville, Tennessee to promote his band and music.  Philip asked me to pray with him about whether or not he should go along and attempt to promote Longing For Eden.  As the days passed, it became evident that this was supposed to happen, so this past Monday when I left for work, he left for Nashville.  He had contacted a few people in the industry prior to leaving home, but had only heard back from one by the time he arrived.  When they met for their appointment, the man told Philip that he never, ever met with an aspiring musician who did not have a song on the charts, and that he had only done it because of the person who gave Philip his name.  This was confirmed today in another of his meetings.  The man told Philip that it was unheard of for a virtual unknown to get a meeting with this person.  "Philip, that was Providence."  Each day has brought new opportunities and opened new doors.

Today he was supposed to start home after a couple more meetings, however, a friend messaged me about an event taking place tonight which would be sure to have many music industry people attending; not to mention that the headline group included one of the persons that Philip had emailed the week before and not heard back from.  Instead, he is spending another night, and anticipating what God has in store for him at this event.  I am sitting at home waiting to hear the outcome, more or less patiently.

Iron Sharpens .....Me?

    My husband has told me over and over that I should stop taking vitamins. When I did, I was in worse shape then before. So, what did I finally figure out? Ask God, the great physician, what to do. How did He work? This is too good to not be true.
    I had been tired, sickish, but not really ill, apathetic, winded and again tired. I wasn't depressed, just wanted to lay down for about 15 min. like every afternoon or more, every day. I went to my PCP, who preformed blood tests. All was fine. Ha? Really? So what now? God, Help!
    My husband and I were talking about my being tired one evening, and he asks, "do you think you may need iron"? I said, "I was iron deficient when I was pregnant with Sarah, I felt...... much the same way, come to think of it". So, I took only two drops of liquid vegetable iron my mom had given me a while back in the same form I had taken before. Whala, I was fixed. I mean, I have not been tired, sick, winded,  and apathetic. I feel like myself again.
    Now, if I would have figured this out by myself, or if someone else had mentioned it to me, my husband Paul would have said, "there you go again, you have figured it out". "You always have it figured out". However, since it was "his idea", it's the correct answer. Never mind that all is well with me now. So what have I learned through this? When I ask God what is wrong in any situation, He will let me know. The coolest thing is, that He will let me know in the most advantageous ways......... some times. There is a saying that goes something like this, "Iron sharpens iron". In this case, iron sharpens.... me!