Prayer request!

Today I am simply going to write what is happening and I may not have time to go over this ten to twenty times, in order to make sure punctuation, spelling and grammar are all correct. Therefore, please excuse any mistakes.
    Our daughter just got a scholarship to a wonderful Christian school, in Florida. We have two homes, one in Florida and another in West Virginia. Our lawn in WV must be perfectly maintained, because we live in a sea of lawn obsessed retired people, who have nothing better to do, no really. I am employed by a doctor of chiropractic in Pennsylvania, near our home in WV, but I can usually take my work any place to complete, because I have a laptop that can log into my office computer in order to do my work. However, my coworker has just received the news that she has cancer. Therefore I am doing both mine and her job. Paul needs another surgery on his shoulder and his doctors for that are in West Virginia. Also, Paul has a hearing for his disability in July. If that goes well I can quit my job. If not, I will have to work full time.
    So do we split up our family over the lawn and healthcare for Paul, while I get a full time job that is flexible enough to allow me to take Sarah to, and pick her up from, school for like two months, so Sarah can have a great education? I don't know. I am asking for prayer in regard to our situation. And thank you for your help in advance. May God bless you and give us direction.

My Spring

The last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. Well, to me that is :)

I have been blessed with a nice home totally unexpected to me to be buying my first home by myself at my age no less. I sensed "to follow HIS lead" and here I am. Now it is a case of hurry up.....wait.......hurry up.....and wait, I said.

The painter is coming. Oh, now he can't come. But he will come soon. The carpet man came and told me how much carpet I need and his price to install. Now we are getting somewhere. But-wait-he cannot install till May 26 & 27th. The fence installer came asap-installation will be at least a month out.OK.

Waiting is not my strong suit. But you know what? I've noticed something. And I am humbled and in awe. Some things that I have prayed for to see in myself for quite a long time now I see, like tiny buds on a tree, that this situation is bringing forth. I AM learning-you Can teach an old dog new tricks! And I am thankful.....exceedingly thankful. All things work together for the good of those who love HIM and are called according to HIS purpose.

My heart brims with thankfulness for this growth spurt.


    Did anyone notice, it's Spring time again. If you live in the south, this wasn't such a big deal because the weather has been warm, for over a month. However, in the North, things are beginning to wake up. Flowers are blooming and it's beginning to warm. This means that lawns are being cut and gardens are being slowly planted with root vegetables. People are actually going outside once more.
    Is it Spring in your season of time with God? We all go through seasons in life. When we first come to Christ, it's as though we are a flower wake up in Spring time. God is warming us with the Son and we begin to grow. Summer brings blooming in Him and full life. We have to learn how to trust in times of cool fall, and cold harsh winters, and our faith grows. Sometimes winter hits without warning and we feel that God has left us, but then, a glimmer of hope. The Son comes ever so gently to remind us that there is a new season around the corner. It's a change of seasons and learning. It's life, and it's a gift.
    I have learned to roll with it, to some degree. Do I still freak out and become upset when bad things happen, sometimes? Yep! I am learning to take things in stride, for the most part, but, I'm still learning. I figure, when I'm done learning, I'll be in Heaven. So here's to learning in every season and looking forward to Heaven.

With Him

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths. Psalm 3:5&6
In ones life, the accomplishment of this verse may take an entire lifetime to complete, it may take a very small amount of time, or anything in-between. However, rest assured, when you feel that this is accomplished fully, your resolve will most likely be tested. In this way, Father God teaches us, leads and guides us, as He sculpts us into His image. We are being made into His image. That is wonderful knowledge to rest in, as we journey in this life with Him.


She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes
She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes
She'll be coming 'round the mountain
She'll be coming 'round the mountain
She'll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes-Toot toot

This is my theme song for today ....
Why you say? Thanks for asking :)

I feel as if I have been on the backside of the mountain, maybe even down in the mountain for so very long and now I'm chugging my way, via the favor of God and answered prayer, 'round the mountain. I see daylight-yeah God!

I am moving Friday the 10th. My son-in-law asked me last week where I was moving. I told him I would let him know not any later than Thursday the 9th. Because...........I did not know where I was moving. I had looked at several places but none was to be. Then I felt to BUY a place in Cumberland which is where I wanted to be. I have been waiting with baited breath for 3 weeks for an answer on the appraisal so the mortgage plans could move forward. I have known on other occasions that God is neither too early or too late just right on time.

This morning Wednesday the 8th at 8 a.m. my real estate agent called me to tell me I could move in Friday the 10th on a pre-occupation contract and we will close in 2 weeks.

I am so very thankful!! So very....very thankful!!

Addendum: To my FB family and friends-I am not telling Mom of my return to Cumberland till I have my carpets updated and some painting done. I want to surprise her-SSSHHHHH! Thank you!


    As one reflects upon life, most realize, that they have wasted time worrying, countless hours of fear. At times we worry about circumstances we could do nothing to change. That is simply pointless. As I reflect and read God's word, I see so many places that God tells us not to worry. Isaiah 41:10 Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Jos 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” 2 Ti 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.
    Take a look in the book of Job, where Job said "The thing I feared has come upon me." Ah, didn't work out great, at first, for him. It was his own stupid fault because he gave Satan legal right to mess with him by fearing in the first place. You give Satan a chance to mess with you when you fear. What happens then, is that the enemy is kicking your butt with paralyzing fear and you are taking part in it. So stop it, right now I say! Yeah, I know. Easier said then done. It's a habit, a crutch, a thing that is a part of you. Then tell God about it. Ask His forgiveness for your arrogance in thinking that you can deal with what ever it is that is causing this worry or fear. Those verses up there are not polite suggestions, they are commands people! So do it! Stop wasting precious time giving the enemy exactly what he wants, which is to mess with you and steal your sound mind from you.
   The truth of God's word says that God gave you a sound mind, not the spirit of fear. If you do have a mind that is not currently sound, that is only a fact. Truth can overcome facts. The truth of God's word says to stop fearing, you have a sound mind, end of discussion. So take the word of God and bring fear to the throne of grace to obtain mercy in your time of need. Talk to God. He loves you and He's got this. After He deals with this issue, later as you reflect on your life, perhaps you won't see so much wasted time on worry and fear. May that reflection be a peaceful one.

It is Finished!

Today I sing with great gusto and gratitude:





    Sarah loves to hear and tell stories of people in our family. She especially loves to hear about the stories of when she makes the biggest messes. Before we ever thought of having Sarah, we purchased and installed new, very light tan, almost white, carpet. What were we thinking, I don't know?
    When Sarah was capable of walking, or rather running almost every place instead, she would grab anything she could make a mark with. One day she found my red lipstick and decided to test it out. You guessed it, on our carpet. Livid doesn't even come close to describing my mood, when I walked into my living room to find red lipstick on about one forth of the rooms floor. I disciplined Sarah and took the lipstick away, then put her in her room. I found that when she made me the most upset it was best to get away from her for a little while as I calmed down.
    Thankfully the lipstick came out of the carpet and all was well. We can laugh about it now. However, I read a story on FaceBook that didn't end so well. A mother came into her bedroom finding her child had used paint on her new bedding. She beat the child into unconscious and her daughter died. Afterwards, she went to her room to find a message, "I love you mom," on the bed. When I read that I cried. I have an awful temper, and children with neurological problems can be particularly trying upon ones patients. As Sarah had ADHD, Autism & Asperger Syndrome earlier in life. I am so unbelievably thankful that God has pulled me away from her and into another room, at times, when Sarah has frustrated me the most in the past.
    She still infuriates me on occasion, now that she is a teenager, go figure! However, God is always there, dealing with the messes.